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Q: Why is my grout/stone discolored and dirty?
A: Stone and grout are very porous surfaces that are very susceptible to staining, molding and discoloration. Without a proper sealer applied, your surface absorbs stains instead of protecting against them.

Q: Do I have to replace my grout if itís dirty and missing in some areas?
A: No, Stain Defenders will fill in the voided areas with a sanded grout and then perform a grout colorant of your choice. This procedure gives you a uniform look and a sealed floor all in one.

Q: How does a grout colorant work?
A: A grout colorant is done by applying a custom colored epoxy that bonds to the existing grout which then gives you a stain proof grout line for years to come.

Q: My stone is dirty, scratched, and dull. Can Stain Defenders make it look new again?
A: Yes, Stain Defenders is the industry leader in stone restoration. We use precious diamond blades and commercial grade machines along with state of the art cleaners, polishers and sealers to bring your stone surfaces back to there original luster.

Q: How long will my floors/counter-tops be protected if I have them sealed?
A: Stain Defenders premium sealers can protect for up to 5 years depending how itís maintained however we still recommend having your surfaces resealed every 1 Ĺ to 2 years to maintain a fully stain proof surface.

Q: How will I benefit from sealing my grout/stone?
A: When a Stain Defender sealer is applied, it sets up a stain proof barrier that protects your surface from spills, mildew and discoloration. With a sealed surface, cleaning and maintaining your grout/stone is much easier and becomes less stressful.

Q: What makes Stain Defenders stand apart from there competition?
A: Customer satisfaction and workmanship is our # 1 priority. Stain Defenders has partnered up with some of the top home builders in the nation that have turned to us for our protection and restoration services. We feel that if they can trust us, then so can you.

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“ I recently had my grout in the tub & shower re-colored by your company and I absolutely love the way it turned out. Stain Defenders has indeed made my bathroom look new again. - Elaine Gutierrez ”

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